RCM Media Productions houses our FAITH BASED PROPERTIES     during HIGHLY SECULAR PROFILE EVENTS.  It is also the future home of TV Productions with Healthy, Solid and Inspirational CONTENT!

Our SIX FAITH-BASED properties benefit The HELPPPPing Hands Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. With over 22 years in the community, our foundation has been an advocate for Domestic Violence & Under Privileged Children. In 2010, we also became advocates for Breast Cancer Awareness. And, in 2019 we became advocates for the "BE THE MATCH" non-profit organization!          
We also team-up with OTHER Charitable Organizations locally and globally!

Our capabilities include: securing venues and caterers, creating gift bags, attracting celebrities and other notable figures, photographers, florists, music, invitations, as well as devising clever theme parties to attract media interest. Once all components are in place, the staff works diligently to attract media interest and attendance, while informing the client of our progress.

​​During the event itself, the RCM TEAM is in attendance to converse with the press, make introductions, and field any media questions. We believe this type of personal attention to the client and the media to be a key component of our ongoing successful performance.

Following an event, RCM TEAM will promptly and thoroughly follow up with the media to answer additional questions, reinforce a client's image and identity in a particular field, and forward press kits and other relevant material.

For those Clients/Sponsors whose needs do not necessitate elaborate events, the RCM TEAM will arrange "desk sides" or meet and greets with its clients and the media to facilitate a personal relationship.   These meetings afford the opportunity for a product or service to be explained in detail, demonstrated, and creates an open dialogue between the media and the client.

Our motto has always been, “Your vision is Our vision”. We will do whatever is within our realm of expertise to make sure that you experience a rewarding endeavor. 

With this combination we believe that even the Impossible is Possible! We look forward to merging with you and your vision!

  1. Thelma July/06
    Dear Tomeka Holyfield, The 2006 Essence of a Woman Gospel Brunch Extravaganza was an anointed event. You were awesome in your testimony, presentation and professionalism in the program. Also, it was a beautiful and Spirit filled function. This was evident in the servant-leadership that was exhibited in your mannerism and loving smile. You made tears come to my eyes with joy each time you approached the podium. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the program to celebrate and honor these ladies. You are doing a great work in bringing recognition to others, while at the same time, bringing Glory to our Heavenly Father. It is great to have a wonderful activity for Christians to fellowship and have "joy in the journey" as Pastor Patterson would say. Again, Tomeka thanks for the ocular demonstration of a child of God who is taking God's work to a higher dimension. Thelma July/2006
  2. Donnie McClurkin Feb/13
    "This is a much-needed event here in Hollywood and if you'll have me, I'll be here every year" says Grammy Award Winning Artist Donnie McClurkin about Gospel Goes To Hollywood Awards Luncheon!
  3. To God Be The Glory, Lady Brooks
    So excited to see this event coming back, I attended back in 2006 and was literally speechless by the level of excellence. To HONOR ladies on the level it was done was really mind blowing. Sis, keep up the awesome work as I've been following your ministry, YES I said ministry. The level in which you've put on your events have been one of integrity, thus producing an opulent atmosphere . So excited to see what you're doing during nba all-star week and oscar week. Haven't made it to one of those yet, but plan on attending the oscar event next year. Thanks so much to you and your team for keeping HIS name alive in such a might way.........
  4. Experiencing His LOVE, Pastor Albert L. Patterson III
    Tomeka, Just a note of encouragement and props. I had to take the time to tell you how proud I am of you for pulling off such an event, on the level it was presented and for honoring others. You did that thang and did it well! Also, I have a new level of respect for you as a person, beyond the hype and lights, for being honest and transparent about your life experiences. Continue to tell your story and never be ashamed. You do not know the lives you touched and paths you changed by sharing openly and honestly. Being a 'star' does not make a difference in the lives of others, but showing our 'scars' will forever alter the choices and destiny of many, if not just one. Keep the faith, continue the fight and expect God's best!